Softballing Disaster

It continues to be so odd to me that really disturbing information is communicated with these happy, cheerful music beds and phrases like “it’s messing things up” when, in fact, the subject under discussion is something so dangerous it could very well permanently destroy the cycle of life and wipe out lots of dependent systems, and ultimately our very existence.

Are they softballing it to keep panic to a minimum? Is this careful crafting by those in the know to speak to the masses and gently get their compliance?

The example today is Huffington Post’s recent piece on the microbead disaster that has been quietly exploding in the background of our tiny little existences here on earth for the last few years. Watch this and tell me it isn’t weird as hell…

Microbead Ban Signed By President ObamaPresident Obama is finally banning microbeads, those tiny particles in your face wash.

Posted by The Huffington Post on Thursday, December 31, 2015

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